Monday, February 14, 2011

A very Happy Valentine :)

Today is Valentine's Day and it is no different from other normal days. How i wish i could turn back the time... the time when i was excited about the whole Valentine thing.
I remember when i was in BKK, there were guys would wait for their love with a bouquet. Same case in India too though it was not as grand as it was in BKK. But i have never really seen anything happening in Bhutan.
Though i had never received a bouquet or been proposed on this day, i do have some unmemorable memory of my past.
However, when i received a call at 12 midnight from my Love, that was all i could ask for. Truly speaking, i wasn't expecting it. It skipped my mind that it was The Valentine's Day!!!! we have been in a relation for nearly five years now and it is said that everything looses its charm after a  while. I kind of believed it myself.
But his call was all that was needed to change my feeling.
HAPPY VALENTINE'S  DAY :) keep smiling

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

asking for an outrageous benefit

When I was in Bangalore doing my degree, I heard people saying that it’s all well that goes under the table. Indirectly, they meant bribing. I had seen friends give money to make their papers and have also seen my other friends giving money to the police to take out their friends out of the jail.

Though the first hand experience I got wasn’t as great as those mentioned above, I was ashamed when this ‘uncle’ was out front asking for a benefit.

May be we are brought up in such a society where these things rarely happen. I mean there is no money bribing; however we cannot rule out ‘Changjay.’

Anyway, as I was I saying, he was out front asking for bribe. I was supposed to interview his nephew. Yet it was the uncle who replied my emails and who asked for the benefit.

I had already sent eight questions and was waiting for the reply, but my questions were answered with questions from his side asking what benefits he would get if he answered my questions.

Assuming (my editors told me never to assume because it means you are making an ASS of yourself) that his question was innocent; I replied that he would be getting publicity. Yet my answers were answered with a statement. “But you still did not answer what benefit I would get,” states his email.

This ‘Uncle’ came in the office, sat opposite to me asked me again ‘what benefit will my nephew get if he answers your question.’ At that time, I wasn’t sure what he was saying so I asked, ‘what kind of benefits are you talking about?’

 ‘Money or anything,’ he said.

Right then, Sir Aby walked in after having his lunch. His entrance was perfect. I had no idea how to handle this guy and when I told Sir Aby about the benefits he wanted, Aby sir told him on his face that Business Bhutan don’t bribe to get information and refused to do the interview.

The ‘Uncle’ threatened to take it to other papers and we gladly led him out of the office.

And then the door went ‘bang’ behind him.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a 'HAPPY' new year..

2011 came so fast. Like last year, my new year this year was much more happier and fulfilling. Like many others, I had a resolution and like many, I broke it. "resolutions are meant to be broken" and yes! i broke my resolution again. Though i don't enjoy the taste any more, i still want more and when i think i am going to quit, the taste is so strong, i don't feel like quitting. 'SMOKING is injurious to health, but i can't quit it, i guess that is what you call an ADDICTION.
Losar today was much a happy losar for me. No sick relatives or sick me like last year. Recalling the new year last year, I remember celebrating it on my bed. The bed that had become my friend and my work place. A very clear memory of the day - a puja being performed at the backdrop, mummy busy with the lunch, my sisters busy with their own work and my youngest brother as always irritating me. I was bedridden then, my whole body had swelled twice its normal size, my face swollen too and though i was hungry, my appetite just died at the sight of food.
On the other hand, my cousin sister was in the other room, shouting in pain.
Thank God! this new year however was a very happy one. My parents are happy and i am happy for them :)
Hope this year continues to be a happy and peaceful year for me and my family :):):):)
Losar Tashi Delek!!!