Wednesday, March 9, 2016


The last thing I want to do is blurt out personal feelings on the blog, but somehow I find myself opening up the Microsoft word and typing down these words….

Come 2016, I thought everything would fall into place and that it would be better than 2015! But I was wrong.
 January was such a terrible month. I had to keep going to hospital for one reason or another. Started with a minor flu for a week, then ended up having a minor surgery to remove a cyst behind my right ear which needed stitches, then an emergency doctor tells me that the severe pain on my foot must be because of gout! Seriously! As if I don’t have enough health issues already!!!!!

And then! I FAINT!

Since I got sick, I might have fainted about five times now, and every time I faint, in that 10 to 20 seconds of the blackout moment, I can see my whole world.

The most recent one scared me so much. Some think I should get used to by now, but do tell, DOES ANY ONE GET USED TO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?

I don’t really know how to explain the pain, I could feel every single nerve in my body being stretched and the whole nerves cramping and merging towards my heart.

“Please don’t faint,” I murmured to myself as I sat down on the doorstep of my room and the next thing I wake up to was my head throbbing with pain for putting the dead weight on the doorstep.

In that blackout moment, I remembering seeing my daughter and singing her favorite lullaby ‘rock a bye baby.’

The last wish always comes true, I was told once. And as the whole world flashed before my eyes, the only prayer or wish I left for my daughter was for her to have a happy, healthy life and for her to NEVER FORGET ME!