Monday, October 29, 2012

Unmemorable Emergency Exit!

Ever sat next to an Emergency Exit! I did and it freaked me out!!!!
It was during my flight to Chennai. Me and my mom somehow got the seat next to the Emergency exit. I was already so scared when an air hostess comes by and starts explaining what needs to be done during an EMERGENCY!! Seriously!!!!

I read the emergency kit hoping that nothing happens but after just an hour in the air, the plane starts to shake. My mom was chanting her prayers. I held on the to seat for my dear life when suddenly the plane drops few inches below. I just let out a scream.

It was a scary experience. Though i would very much like to be near an exit during any emergency, i definitely want to skip seating next to an emergency exit in a plane ....
Read it well and understand it so that when an emergency occurs, you dont have to be looking for the kit :)


I never asked myself this question but now! i think its time i do.


I have always tried to be a good daughter to my parents. I am trying my best to financially support them, emotionally be there for them and like any other good daughter, i am always there when they need me.

But recently, things seems to have changed. My parents are the ones who are there for me emotionally and trying to make me feel better and be positive of my life.

Yet, i m stressing them too much. I am putting too much of my tension on them and they have been worried hell for me.

My mother has lost weight because she stresses too much. she stresses because of me. I am the main cause for my mother worrying too much.

On the other hand, my father ain't too good himself. He has not looked so old or tired. He is almost 63 years but he does not look old because of his age, but the worry of my future worries him a lot. The lines on his forehead and the corner of his eyes say it all.

I am not well. My heart is weak and so are my lungs making me harder to breath and do any kind of work. I feel guilty and i try to do what i can but it's just not even a quarter of what others do. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension is a rare disease with no cure but i pray in my heart that a miracle will happen. A MIRACLE that will relief my parents from the stress and burden and a MIRACLE that will help me be a good daughter i always wanted to be.....