Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vilshofen Memoir

Where do I even begin? I have so many fond memories of my stay in Germany that words cannot even begin to express how I fell.
Frankly I wasn’t prepared to go to Germany but who would have let the opportunity to go to Europe just slip away. I took it but I wasn’t sure what to expect.
But the month long stay in Vilshofen was one that holds a special place in my heart.
Above all the good experiences and meeting new people, I met two wonderful host families. They were the BEST.

Alois and Christiane
I met Christiane and Alois at the dinner party Helmuth Rucker had the week i was there in Vilshofen. I met many other friends there but the couple were the ones who had my attention.
They are like my second parent. They cared for me so much that Germany felt more like home than just a visiting place.
They are both in their late 50’s. Yet with me, they felt more than friends. Chrsitiane was very caring. Being a pharmacist, she took care of my health and made sure i had a lot of greens to eat. 
On the other hand, Alois was more like a father, who would spend time talking to me. I still remember the way he use to greet me in the morning and bid good night at night. I miss them so so much. 
Christiane has two sons but does not have a daughter so the shopping we went was her first time with a girl. We shopped so so much and she gifted me a nice dress and a fur coat to keep me warm. 
I miss them dearly. 

Helmuth and Carmen
They were my first host and the first people i met and talked to when i landed in Germany. Carmen and i became friends really fast. Their sons, Elias and Till, were so adorable and so welcoming. I became very close to Till, their youngest son and i loved him more like my younger brother. 
My first week passed getting to know them but as time went on, they began to hold very special place in my heart. 
They took me around and we took many pictures. 
I miss you all so much.

Though there are tones i wanna share, many things could  not be put in the worlds.. yet they remain in my heart to be cherish every day. 

Love you all and i hope one day that i will be able to visit Germany again and be with you all again... 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcoming the newest member of our family!!!

Hearing about a new member joining our large family, we were more than happy... with everyone growing so fast, our little Tobjur who was the youngest is now an older brother…

We would feel the kick of the baby… and when she finally came, the day was filled with so much joy..

Congratulations my little cousin sister.. May you find parenthood a breeze and be able to look back with fond memories.

It was such wonderful news.

Normally I would wait for a week to see the baby.. but when she was born, I couldn't wait.

Wanting to see her first bath, I rushed… I picked her up and I held her tight.

Small baby are my weakness.. I could spoil them forever…

It is now a month and four days since my little youngest niece was born… I cant wait to hold her again and pamper her… and of course spoil her.. 

May you bring so much happiness and good health to your parents

Monday, October 29, 2012

Unmemorable Emergency Exit!

Ever sat next to an Emergency Exit! I did and it freaked me out!!!!
It was during my flight to Chennai. Me and my mom somehow got the seat next to the Emergency exit. I was already so scared when an air hostess comes by and starts explaining what needs to be done during an EMERGENCY!! Seriously!!!!

I read the emergency kit hoping that nothing happens but after just an hour in the air, the plane starts to shake. My mom was chanting her prayers. I held on the to seat for my dear life when suddenly the plane drops few inches below. I just let out a scream.

It was a scary experience. Though i would very much like to be near an exit during any emergency, i definitely want to skip seating next to an emergency exit in a plane ....
Read it well and understand it so that when an emergency occurs, you dont have to be looking for the kit :)


I never asked myself this question but now! i think its time i do.


I have always tried to be a good daughter to my parents. I am trying my best to financially support them, emotionally be there for them and like any other good daughter, i am always there when they need me.

But recently, things seems to have changed. My parents are the ones who are there for me emotionally and trying to make me feel better and be positive of my life.

Yet, i m stressing them too much. I am putting too much of my tension on them and they have been worried hell for me.

My mother has lost weight because she stresses too much. she stresses because of me. I am the main cause for my mother worrying too much.

On the other hand, my father ain't too good himself. He has not looked so old or tired. He is almost 63 years but he does not look old because of his age, but the worry of my future worries him a lot. The lines on his forehead and the corner of his eyes say it all.

I am not well. My heart is weak and so are my lungs making me harder to breath and do any kind of work. I feel guilty and i try to do what i can but it's just not even a quarter of what others do. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension is a rare disease with no cure but i pray in my heart that a miracle will happen. A MIRACLE that will relief my parents from the stress and burden and a MIRACLE that will help me be a good daughter i always wanted to be.....


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mills & Boons fantasy

If novels can decide the fate, many girls would have found their perfect man without having to look so hard. Like me, there are many girls who read Mills and Boons. These novels may not be great literature but have fairy tale sweetness and happy endings, most girls usually dream about.

Who does wish for Happy Endings? Everyone wants to smile when you have completed a novel or a movie. A happy ending leaves you wearing a broad smile despite knowing that it is not real. On many occasions, I have slept a good night’s sleep after having completed a Mills and Boons novel.
My teacher once told me that it does not matter what you read, but you should read. That was when I started reading these novels.

These Mills and Boons novels have perfect protagonists. Many a time, the guy is rich and ruthless yet unresistiblly attractive while on the other hand, the girl is poor but has the perfect body that captures the rich guy’s attention.

Despite all the ups and down, the rich guy falls in love with the poor girl and they live a happily ever after.
How often does this ending happen in real life? I believe only about one percent of the people in love actually truly experience such bliss. Rest compromise!

When we meet someone, we feel that he or she is the right person for you, however for some unlucky ones, it is not the case. Some girls meet the worst ever nightmares and some guys end up with their worst better half.

It is either the guy ends up with a dominating and a very controlling wife or the girl ends up with a husband who hits her or abuses her.

“Reality does not always happen the way it is written in novels. These are fiction. Something that is imagined,” my close friend once told me when I told her that the Mills and Boons novels are good.
Yet these novels give HOPE of having a happy ending, a hope of finding the perfect soul mate.

I have more than 100 Mills and Boons on my shelf. I read a novel and after a year or so, I re-read it because every time I read I get what the author is trying to say through the dialogues and the character.
Spending every penny on Mills and Boons novel is worth it for me as it brings a smile on my face at THE END.

Some guys however read these novels for the sex part. The novel describes sex scenes explicitly that a colleague of mine once told me that when he was young, he masturbated reading these novels.

Well, that’s altogether another story! No one but he would best tell it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

one can’t choose but wait

I lost my sister about ten year ago. I was young then. I didn’t really know what losing someone really meant. Instead, I was proud that I didn’t shed a tear when I heard the news or when she was cremated without my knowledge.
She was 23 when she died of blood cancer. Back then, I didn’t know what blood cancer was but I knew it was a painful disease that gradually kills.
A year passed after she was diagnosed of cancer. She was admitted at the Thimphu Hospital. She lay bed-ridden for months. Later she was referred to Vellore in India for treatment. Even after desperate attempts by doctors, they failed to get hold of a matching bone marrow.
She had never been the same after that. She loved to drink bottled Miranda juice, and despite her pain, she always had something funny to say.
A bunch of her front hair was grey. It was unique. High fever consumed her, her body too fragile to even sit upright and her face was dark because of the continuous blood transfusion she had to undergo.
Whenever I hear of a cancer patient, her poor fragile body and the pain comes back as if it just happened yesterday.
Recently, a friend of mine said she would not mind dying of cancer. She reasoned that if she knew she had cancer she would have the time to do good things, like praying and earning spiritual merits.
Does it work that way? What happens to those who die a sudden death? Do they not go to heaven? Everything has its own time. Some people are very religious at a very young age while some wait till they are a little older or old enough to start praying.
I don’t really subscribe to her ideas but perhaps this is why many people prefer dying while asleep.

Birthday memoirs

Last night I was going through a box filled with my childhood stuffs. I fished out all the birthday cards I had received over the years. I stood there thinking.

I tried to remember a few friends who had, in the tussle of life, faded away from our memories and the birthday celebrations that have faded with them.
I thought about the cordial wishes on birthday cards that have been replaced by tailored wishes on Facebook. I realized how the count on wishes from your friend list on Facebook mattered and the last time I received a card for my birthday.

I remembered the times when I woke up in the morning and found presents on my pillow or underneath it. The excitement and suspense to open the presents made me wait for another year to celebrate another birthday.

I missed the birthdays when we took chocolates to school for the whole class. It was like a custom. I don’t remember when it started but my twin-sister and I ensured that we had chocolates for the whole school.  For me, or rather my parents, celebrating a twin birthday was never easy. Everything needed to be in pairs- a pair of gifts, a pair of cake, a pair of everything.

Back then the issue was that it was my birthday and everything had to be special but now I look back and sub-consciously wondered if I should have been there to share the cost.
Normally we don’t realize that parents too have birthdays and that wishing them on their birthdays brings them the greatest joy. I quickly recalled the birthdays of my parents and ensured that I am the first one to wish them on their birthdays from now on.

When you are young, birthdays come with gifts.  As you grow older, birthday treats mean booze, partying and a lot more booze.

As you grow old celebrating birthdays become childish yet you await birthday wishes and presents year after year.  After all it was the day you were born.