Thursday, February 3, 2011

a 'HAPPY' new year..

2011 came so fast. Like last year, my new year this year was much more happier and fulfilling. Like many others, I had a resolution and like many, I broke it. "resolutions are meant to be broken" and yes! i broke my resolution again. Though i don't enjoy the taste any more, i still want more and when i think i am going to quit, the taste is so strong, i don't feel like quitting. 'SMOKING is injurious to health, but i can't quit it, i guess that is what you call an ADDICTION.
Losar today was much a happy losar for me. No sick relatives or sick me like last year. Recalling the new year last year, I remember celebrating it on my bed. The bed that had become my friend and my work place. A very clear memory of the day - a puja being performed at the backdrop, mummy busy with the lunch, my sisters busy with their own work and my youngest brother as always irritating me. I was bedridden then, my whole body had swelled twice its normal size, my face swollen too and though i was hungry, my appetite just died at the sight of food.
On the other hand, my cousin sister was in the other room, shouting in pain.
Thank God! this new year however was a very happy one. My parents are happy and i am happy for them :)
Hope this year continues to be a happy and peaceful year for me and my family :):):):)
Losar Tashi Delek!!!


  1. very painful losar memories....and because of it, this year's losar becomes more special....:)
    happy losar
    happy blogging and happy writing:)

  2. ya it was a painful memory. and you are rt. it became more special this yr. thank you sogyel. a very happy writing to you too:)