Thursday, June 23, 2011

our day has finally come..

What a good Sunday to have two families gather for an important discussion of our lives.. i say 'our' because it is just not me but my twin sister too. It was June 12, a day that is still so fresh in my mind. Though the day was very important for me, i was there sleeping the whole morning (till 12 noon) while my twin sister and my parents busy cleaning and preparing lunch for the important guests coming to our place. Oh! i did feel bad in the morning but then! i realized that even if i was up, i don't think i could have done anything to make their work easier - a illness as an excuse, some might say...
But i was excited as the clock ticked 1 pm.. Everytime i heard a vehicle pull over the parking lot but each time i was disappointed. But when a red Vitara pulled over, my heart started beating faster than the normal beat.. i was excited. 
Finally the wait was over.. an official gathering of the guy's and the girl's family. 
Dawa's grandfather -jojo,we call him - the head of the family, his aunty, his uncle but referred to as Brother and his twin brother Nima. 
I had always wanted to delay the meeting of these two families. some say commitment phobia but i would rather like to put it as a chance for my Dawa to enjoy his bachelor's life and a chance for him to explore his independence for a little longer. 
My twin sister Sonam Lucky and Nima were more than happy to tie knots. I am happy for them as they were sure of what they wanted. 
 left to right - me, (Dawa's family) brother Jigme, Aunty Karma and Jojo and  my family (Dad and Mom). Nima and Sonam Lucky on the floor.
Jojo wanted the four of us to get married the same day. He said "Its unique and it is my dream to see the four of u marry on the same day." All i could do was smile and i stole a glance at Dawa to see his reaction. He seemed more than happy. i hope he is really happy.
Wedding bells are yet to be heard. but more than that, what is important is that IT WAS A FRUITFUL EVENING :) and a positive nod from both the families...CHEERS!!!!


  1. Beautiful piece lucky and I know how important it is...wish you all a wonderful life ahead!!
    Waiting for the big day meh!!! :-)

  2. awww.. thank you sara dear.. muah

  3. aue lucky-this is such a great news :) i wish both the pair and the families all the good wishes in world.

  4. Really, really loved it, Lucky. And I'm so happy for you and Dawa and your sis and her to-be. Wishing you guys the very best of life. :)
    P.S. Invite! Invite!

  5. It is a "My Dream Come True" moment for you....I am happy that this is finally happening...cant wait to be there for you on the big day....AWWWWWW....I am having butterflies in my you can see how happy i am for you guys...

  6. @Tshokey - thank you so much..
    @lostsilence - of course i will invite you when the day actually come ya.. muah darling and thanks again
    @Sonam - i know how excited you were.. haha.. i rem you telling me that you want to be the chef.. hahha..thank you again lofe :)

  7. congratulation... :P regards to Sonam Lucky namo...xoxo Yangchen

  8. thank you Barunji.. muah and @Yangchen - thank you too :)