Monday, July 25, 2011

sangaygang gets nasty frank on sex and sin


Tell you what, I have seen it all. All sorts of people in all sorts of cars for all sorts of occasions. I have been a bemused spectator, ogling into some of the weirdest activities human beings so ardently engage in. I am guilty of being a silent, unseen, voyeur. But can’t help it, either? The car-owning-generation just finds it too romantic out on a dark road.
Since time immemorial, I have stood here tall and majestic overlooking the capital city. I have witnessed Thimphu metamorphose from a small medieval hamlet into a bustling modern town. At night, it looks like a star studded sky right below me. I am glad the darkness has disappeared.
I have changed too, over time, in both good and bad ways. Long meandering roads run around me, the many curves that young and old seek out after dark. A broadcast tower was raised a long time ago. I serve a good purpose, too. The old and the fat walk the trails to burn the extra flab and to stay fit. How I pity them when I see them profusely sweating, tired and exhausted. They should have known better and before, unhealthy lifestyle poses lot of health hazards.
For many young couples, I have been the starting point of their journey of love. For others, I have been the perfect getaway – silent, secret, dark and away from the prying eyes. One night stand or more, here the darkest desires give vent.
It is quite amusing that I am treasured for the wrong reasons. Yet I am being violated for the very same wrong reasons. I would not mind if they had the courtesy to wrap the used condoms and throw it away in a dustbin or flush it down the sewer. They are too tired.  After all, the car is not designed for this purpose!
And then there are those late night revelers, who drink and scream and shout. And fight, at times. They disturb the serenity of the night. When they finally leave, there is a heap of garbage all scattered around. Civic sense has gone to the dogs, I dare you!
As I became popular, I have had several monikers to my credit. Lovers’ point is but only one decent name that I can write here. Others are a little too gross.
Days are much quieter. Sometimes tourists visit to enjoy the bird’s eye view I offer of the capital. During weekends, families come for picnics bringing along little children who enjoy the fresh air and play in the grass. Cyclists, a growing number of them I have observed, also come here. It feels good to see the contrast. Definitely I mean different things to two completely different types of people – the diurnals and the nocturnals.
Of late, however, the number of nocturnals has dramatically decreased. I was informed that they are keeping my cousin hill, southward, busy throughout the night. Looks like, people have found a better place! That’s altogether another story.
What is unsettling is that this new found peace is rather too quiet for me. I am so used to seeing people around day in and night out. I feel rejected. I bolster up – I will have to learn to cope. This is what I have always wanted. Inner peace! Inner peace! Inner …
Oh, here comes a visitor. A red car. Just two of them, ahuh!  First timers. Nervous. Oh boy! Here I go again. I think at times, these distractions are good for me.
By the way, for the record, I am Sangaygang, named after the enlightened one.


  1. read this in your paper.....say you what....this is one of the wonderful piece i have ever read...:)..keep on writing..:)

  2. Awesome post!! Thoroughly enjoyed, there is so much to learn :D

  3. Awesome post. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Keep posting!

  4. All of US are in serious need of CIVIC SENSE.

    Enjoyed reading the post and tell you what, I found myself laughing aloud when you mentioned "Nocturnals has dramatically increased". May be because I am one of them but I don't travel at night, I am peacefully at home surfing the net and probably spamming my friends wallpost in the facebook. Interesting..let the nocturnals be reduced by one, i.e exclude me :)

  5. thanks for the comments.. i m glad you like it :)