Sunday, September 11, 2011


a confession on a wallet
The brand is the only pride I have. Lous Vitton that I am. The rest, you might say, is a tragedy that unfolds every other day. Of course I am handy, portability is my forte.
I was bought from a departmental store in India. Since then, as fate would have it, I have mostly been carrying Bhutanese Ngultrum, though the Indian rupee makes its round from time to time.
I am proud when I go around with my tummy bulging out. My master is a reporter and every day I get the singular opportunity to meet different people. I have known a lot of people and I am also the sole witness to a lot of conversations. At times I also disagree on issues but keeping it to myself is all I can do.
The first week of every month sees me stuffed with new and old notes but by the second week I would have thinned out. When my master receives his salary I have difficulty getting the breathing space but when he is broke I lay thrown on the bed or under a pillow and the little stored is also snatched away from me. That is when I pray for the next month to begin.
At times I have to go hungry for a month and that is when I am embarrassed the most. Making out from the frown on my master’s face these are the times when the atmosphere gets a bit stressful.
I would be flung across the room, into the closet or on the bed. I would be there for a long time until my master would come back and make a search, desparately for cash.
I have a lot of friends. Besides my usual companions – two credit cards, a citizenship identity card, a dozen of visiting cards and an ATM.
I am made of leather. I am foldable and this is one of the reasons why my kind does not wear out fast. When I am old I am immediately replaced.
One of my confessions is that I have never taken a bath.
Humans believe that ‘You should not wash wallets lest money will keep flowing out.”
To keep up with their myth, I have never been washed. Humans would rather throw my kind than wash us.’
Though I was never used in the past, modern day human feel incomplete without me. I am here to store cash.
Today is September 10 and I have just been loaded. I am comfortable for the moment but I fear this month I would have to go hungry for a longer time as my master has just paid his yearly vehicle registration renewal fees along with a penalty for late payment.

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