Wednesday, December 7, 2011

i miss u my love

It’s been just 4 months we have been married and here I am in this unknown country away from you. I have known you for the past five years yet it feels like I have just met you yesterday. There is still so much I don’t know about you which makes our relation even more special because it is ‘discovery time.’

Many people I know have asked me if I had enough of my relation. My response was simple and quick ‘No, I still have so much to learn about my love.’

I still don’t really how we actually got tangled in the marriage thingy but come to look at it; I think it was for the BEST. We had decided not to get married for another 5 years or so, but look at us now; we are married and tied to each other for ever.

‘If you are given a time machine, would you go over your wedding all over again?’ I was asked a couple of times. Well, NO! I think once was enough. But I would definitely like to go back to the time when we were kids. My husband and I had been in the same school for two years but I do not remember a single time we spoke to each other. I would definitely want to change that.

When I saw you after 9 years in Bangalore, I was surprised for you looked different. Well we didn’t speak then too but as we met often at our friend’s place, we began to know each other better and by the time we realized, we had become best buddies.

From best buddies, we took our relation to another level. On August 8 however, you decided to propose me and there I was, happily accepting it. I knew then that you are the one i want to spend the rest of my life with.

However, I hadn’t expected us to be married after five years, so soon eh, but here we are, on the eve of our fifth anniversary, we were pronounced man and wife.

Today is our fourth month anniversary and I miss you a lot. I know we had made plans to go out for a holiday but that will have to wait for some weeks. I will be home in 3 weeks love. I miss you. Happy Anniversary. LOVE u

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  1. This is yet another Fairy Tale Story happening in Bhutan huh. Good to know you here.
    Wish you a Successful Happy Married Life. I hope you get to meet your husband sooner or later.