Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mills & Boons fantasy

If novels can decide the fate, many girls would have found their perfect man without having to look so hard. Like me, there are many girls who read Mills and Boons. These novels may not be great literature but have fairy tale sweetness and happy endings, most girls usually dream about.

Who does wish for Happy Endings? Everyone wants to smile when you have completed a novel or a movie. A happy ending leaves you wearing a broad smile despite knowing that it is not real. On many occasions, I have slept a good night’s sleep after having completed a Mills and Boons novel.
My teacher once told me that it does not matter what you read, but you should read. That was when I started reading these novels.

These Mills and Boons novels have perfect protagonists. Many a time, the guy is rich and ruthless yet unresistiblly attractive while on the other hand, the girl is poor but has the perfect body that captures the rich guy’s attention.

Despite all the ups and down, the rich guy falls in love with the poor girl and they live a happily ever after.
How often does this ending happen in real life? I believe only about one percent of the people in love actually truly experience such bliss. Rest compromise!

When we meet someone, we feel that he or she is the right person for you, however for some unlucky ones, it is not the case. Some girls meet the worst ever nightmares and some guys end up with their worst better half.

It is either the guy ends up with a dominating and a very controlling wife or the girl ends up with a husband who hits her or abuses her.

“Reality does not always happen the way it is written in novels. These are fiction. Something that is imagined,” my close friend once told me when I told her that the Mills and Boons novels are good.
Yet these novels give HOPE of having a happy ending, a hope of finding the perfect soul mate.

I have more than 100 Mills and Boons on my shelf. I read a novel and after a year or so, I re-read it because every time I read I get what the author is trying to say through the dialogues and the character.
Spending every penny on Mills and Boons novel is worth it for me as it brings a smile on my face at THE END.

Some guys however read these novels for the sex part. The novel describes sex scenes explicitly that a colleague of mine once told me that when he was young, he masturbated reading these novels.

Well, that’s altogether another story! No one but he would best tell it.


  1. Yeah, Mills and Boon is really an effective novel where we are lost in the world of fantasy and believe that it will happen for real.
    At least for few hours, MB keeps us entertained and loved.

    Nice One!

  2. thank you @yeesi7.. MBs have kept me occupied when i was lonely and bored.. It still does... I just cant get enough of MBs :)