Monday, October 29, 2012

Unmemorable Emergency Exit!

Ever sat next to an Emergency Exit! I did and it freaked me out!!!!
It was during my flight to Chennai. Me and my mom somehow got the seat next to the Emergency exit. I was already so scared when an air hostess comes by and starts explaining what needs to be done during an EMERGENCY!! Seriously!!!!

I read the emergency kit hoping that nothing happens but after just an hour in the air, the plane starts to shake. My mom was chanting her prayers. I held on the to seat for my dear life when suddenly the plane drops few inches below. I just let out a scream.

It was a scary experience. Though i would very much like to be near an exit during any emergency, i definitely want to skip seating next to an emergency exit in a plane ....
Read it well and understand it so that when an emergency occurs, you dont have to be looking for the kit :)


  1. i really dont know. I didnt have the nerve to ask.. but THANK GOD we were safe.. :)

  2. Oh, okie!
    Anyways, yah, Thank God :D Good to see this update from you.