Friday, February 5, 2010

COUNTDOWN begins.......

Never have I seen such hustle and bustle. It has been for the past few weeks where Business Bhutan (BB) people are running around dashing, nearly kissing, hitting each other and on verge of coming to blows(you guys know who i am talking about*wink*).

Sonam Pelden back in office after orientation with her loud voice disturbing everyone just to spend time with the staff and Barun of course, Tshering Dorji and Phurba always stuck to their chairs, Yeega with her sore bumps running around, helping either CEO sir with the invitations or me with stupid stuffs, Sara going out for interviews but always coming back empty handed or still waiting for quotes, Tshering Eden trying to finish what was assigned to her and how can I forget the notorious of all, Jathu with his smartass face running around disturbing everyone.
Yeega and I were titled as “rebels” for having done the talking for everyone. Salary! Salary we shouted but at the end we were the rebels *laughing*

Sir Tshering, CEO, always seen running around the office for some reason. ‘Smoking’ he does not, but he is always seen in the smoking room trying to make everyone at ease.

Serious face and deadly of all, Aby started smoking and chewing doma just to relief himself from stress and Ata Tashi doing things to extreme – chewing doma, smoking and taking sugar.

Taking a break from their busy and hectic schedules, Renuka and kuenzang, both from marketing section come to the smoking room and puff cigarettes.

Jathu, the lama of BB names Sara as ‘Queen of snow Ville’ and Renuka as ‘Queen of Kong go’ to irritate them.
Au Lhendup with the camera hung over his neck and with the attitude “do what I say, not what I do” is the only photographer in BB. Without him, BB will be incomplete.

One more day for launch and one more day of stress, excitement, yet worried. GOOD LUCK FOR THE LAUNCH BB PEOPLE.

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