Thursday, August 19, 2010

when sex victimizes men

It is always disturbing to read boys being convicted for rape when it is a case of consensual sex. Recently two boys (both 19 years old) were charged for consensual sex with a 17-year-old girl.
According to the law of the land she is a minor, but by nature’s law she is old enough to make decisions and her body is ready for motherhood.
But in the recent case, only the boys were punished for a decision that also involved the consensus of the girl.
The huge inflow of funds into gender programs have increased the number of mike-loving lipstick feminists who have fallen in love with the ‘victim’ word. Their main pastime is to raise the victimhood of women and brand boys as predators.
I totally agree with the law to punish the boys when the girl is under-age.  But I see no reason why it is only the boys who are punished while the girl is free.
Sex is a natural desire, but ‘jail’ is not a natural place to stay.  The humiliation the girl has suffered with the case is also shared by the boys when they are jailed for the most productive time of their life.
In most cases, especially in the rural Bhutan, people do not know of any law about consensual sex.
My question is not about the boys being convicted, but is about having a law whereby a girl found guilty of consensual sex is also convicted, if the law is so adamant about jailing people for making love.  I guess then the law would be equal and justified.
We always talk about discrimination in gender and that there should be no gender discrimination, but there is gender discrimination when it comes to consensual sex.
According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a 14 year-old Brazilian girl was jailed for ‘consensual sex’ with a 25-year-old Pakistani school bus driver.  The girl was sentenced to six months while the man was sentenced to a year in prison.
Why can’t Bhutan also have a law where the girl is also punished for having consensual sex?
There are early marriages happening in the rural areas. Girls are getting married at the age of 16 and some girls are mothers when they are 17. Do you still think the girls should not be punished?
An aunt of mine who has two sons feels that the law is unfair too. She said “when the girl is agreeing on having sex, I don’t see a point in just punishing the boys.” The girl needs to be equally punished, she said.
Perhaps a law to punish girls may bring down cases of premarital sex and unwanted pregnancies.

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