Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcoming the newest member of our family!!!

Hearing about a new member joining our large family, we were more than happy... with everyone growing so fast, our little Tobjur who was the youngest is now an older brother…

We would feel the kick of the baby… and when she finally came, the day was filled with so much joy..

Congratulations my little cousin sister.. May you find parenthood a breeze and be able to look back with fond memories.

It was such wonderful news.

Normally I would wait for a week to see the baby.. but when she was born, I couldn't wait.

Wanting to see her first bath, I rushed… I picked her up and I held her tight.

Small baby are my weakness.. I could spoil them forever…

It is now a month and four days since my little youngest niece was born… I cant wait to hold her again and pamper her… and of course spoil her.. 

May you bring so much happiness and good health to your parents


  1. nice pics n nice write up sis .. :)

  2. hey...miss you all at home and i really have missed being a god mother/aunt to my niece.... the very first time i missed being a god mother/aunt to my neice....sad sad... and to my dear lucky... nice pictures

  3. hahha, thanks my dear fatty :) love you n miss you darling :)

  4. The baby is really a cute one. Congratulation to your cousin.
    I can feel the excitement in you. I hope your pampering doesn't spoil her much :D